Webinar: Games or Gamification… What’s Right For You?

In this week’s webinar, we had our friends from The Game Agency stop by to discuss several game mechanics from their interactive gaming library and identify how to most effectively pair them with your learning objectives to improve learning outcomes. They announced the release of a new game that is being added to The Training Arcade® and showed how easy it is to build games in The Training Arcade®. You can learn more about implementing a Training Arcade game into your eLearning in another webinar we did not too long ago.

We also showcased Motivate Cloud, a gamified-socialized learning platform that is being used to boost engagement, foster team collaboration and turn a passive learning experience into an active learning journey.

For more information about The Training Arcade click here. You can also learn more about Motivate Cloud from The Game Agency.


Find this webinar published at elearningbrothers.com

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