The Benefits of a Gamified Socialized Learning Platform

Gamified socialized learning offers the dialogue of social media platforms with the engagement and real-life rewards of a game. LMS user research done by Capterra shows that gamification is the fourth most desired eLearning feature. Since Motivate Cloud from The Game Agency is one of the top new platforms doing gamified social learning, we asked our friends at The Game Agency to share some benefits of gamified social learning.

Social Learning

Social media has infiltrated almost all aspects of our lives. Whether it be online message boards, Facebook groups or Instagram comments, people give and seek feedback, anytime, anywhere. Companies have begun to introduce social media into their training to encourage conversation and collaboration. Motivate Cloud Social lets you announce new training, share company updates, and keep your teams in the know using targeted, engaging new posts, notifications, and email newsletters. You can create an internal social channel for employees to share info and start discussions. This feature is available for broad team collaboration OR one-on-one mentoring between managers and employees. Motivate social platform also allows users to follow posts or people and see top influencers.

The result? A 3.5x increase in logins and 2.5x increase in non-required activity. The numbers prove that social learning works.

Motivate Cloud not only encourages peer-to-peer discussions but offers a voice from management to employees and vice versa. Management can make announcements and updates in real time to keep their teams informed rather than sending thousands of email updates. On the other hand, employees can voice ideas to management or each other and be heard instead of being lost in the avalanche of daily emails everyone receives. This line of communication is often lost in the workplace—either in the vast quantity of messages or from fear of voicing an opinion; the restoration of this direct line of communication helps reconnect peers and managers alike.

Competitive Learning

Over the last decade, the world has discovered the power of games and gamification. From big simulations to small reinforcement games, many companies are finding success with virtual practice playgrounds that motivate learners to dig into the content and drive the information into their long-term memory through repetition and application. Motivate Cloud includes a suite of games from The Training Arcade. Each one serves a different purpose, but all of them act as a practice playground for employees to engage with training material and be able to fail in a safe space before trying out new skills at work.

89% of LMS users report that they would be more engaged with their eLearning application if it had a points system. If you’re considering trying out gamified social learning, look for a platform that includes points, badges, leaderboards, and real-life prizes for in-game achievements. Allowing your employees to work toward real-life prizes helps bridge the gap between the real and virtual world. Users of Motivate Cloud have seen a 5.5x increase in course completions when offering real-life rewards.


Gamified social learning offers learners the chance to learn at their own pace, ask questions, receive answers, share best practices, follow influencers, and much more. Using its combination of social learning and gamification, Motivate Cloud increases engagement, collaboration, and retention. It gives learners the tools to succeed all on one platform and allows companies to effectively and efficiently track their knowledge and behavior.

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The Game Agency are game developers that create games for K-12 and Fortune 500 clients to complement their educational and training initiatives to increase engagement and retention while providing tons of actionable data to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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