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Managing Partner, Stephen Baer join Chris Willis, Director of Product Content, eLearning Brothers in a webinar on how to use games to boost employee performance.

Stephen: We are going to talk today about mapping different types of games to different performance objectives. It’s a really important topic because often people want to use games but they ask what games make the most sense.

We polled the audience on their role and discovered that 33% are Learning Experience Designers, 37% are Learning Developers, 19% are Learning Managers and 2% are Business Managers / Consultant, the remaining 9% fall into

Using the Pomodoro Technique to Engage and Train Remote Learners

Two months ago, no one was talking about social distancing. Now, it’s an undercurrent of every conversation. Companies are flocking to remote collaboration tools, some of which have added millions of users in recent weeks.

For some, remote working is nothing new. However, many of us aren’t just working remotely. We’re also taking care of our home-bound families. We’re homeschooling. We’re dealing with a significant shift in how our society works as a whole.

It can be more than a little distracting.

It’s no surprise that everyone is looking for ways to stay engaged and productive. In the past …

Microlearning: The Future Of Professional Development

Originally Published in Forbes, Mar 19th, 2020

From dawn to dusk: That’s how long the average adult spends on-screen — about 11 hours daily.

At the same time, corporate trainers are trying to grab employee attention long enough to educate them and ensure the information sticks. Tools like EJ4 let viewers watch five- to 10-minute training videos, while Google Primer provides five-minute interactive lessons on the go, and our platform, The Training Arcade®, offers three- to five-minute microgames to reinforce information and assess learner knowledge. Each of these bite-sized and user-friendly tools takes the limited time (and attention) users …

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How Recruiters Can Use Gamification to Attract and Engage New Employees

Can you think of a job opportunity you were excited about? You probably envisioned yourself in the role, but like so many others, you were concerned about the interview process, sitting face-to-face with a hiring manager to discuss your history and where you plan to be in five years.

There’s nothing more stressful than being eyed with scrutiny. And it’s no easier as the manager who has to judge a candidate’s characteristics and qualifications in just 30 minutes. Of course, hiring managers have a punch list of talking points for candidates, such as:

How to Create Branching Path Games to Train Soft Skills


Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills, highly valued in today’s workplace, help employees collaborate and function effectively. According to Indeed, soft skills include any skill that can be classified as a personality trait or habit such as problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution. Soft skills are hard to teach but they do need to be explored, practiced and learned through trial and error. A well-created branching path game can help train and reinforce soft skills to enhance a person’s confidence and job strengths.

Creating a Scenarios, or branching path game is an effective tool to train soft skills …


The Game Agency Named to 2019 Training Industry Top 20™ Training Delivery Companies

Stamford, CTSeptember 5, 2019 The Game Agency has been named to the 2019 Top Training Companies™ List for the training delivery sector of the learning and development market. Training Industry, the leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders, prepares the Training Industry Top 20 and Training Industry Watch List reports on critical sectors of the training marketplace to better inform professionals about the best and most innovative providers of training services and technologies.

Selection to the 2019 Training Industry Top 20™ Training Delivery Companies List was based on the following criteria:

  • Value of platform features

What Is Soft Skills Training And Why Is It So Important?

Want to improve your employee’s soft skills? The most effective way to do so is through game-based training. Games provide a fun and safe environment to learn, practice, fail, and ultimately master critical skills. But not all games are created equal. This article outlines a variety of solutions.

Soft Skills Training: Everything You Need To Know About Training Employees

If I told you that 67% of HR professionals report withholding positions due to lack of soft skills you probably wouldn’t be surprised [1]. But despite this trend, most companies don’t invest in improving these skills after hiring candidates.

According to …

How to Gamify Off-the-Cuff

Stephen Baer, Managing Partner of The Game Agency discusses how to gamify content quickly with Alexander Salas of ATD.


Managing Partner Stephen Baer, was interviewed by eLearning expert and Instructional Designer, Alexander Salas as part of his Off the Cuff interview series.  Here’s a summary of what Stephen and Alex discussed. 

Stephen Baer: The Game Agency was started 12 years ago with the premise of taking a really nice medium like games which are a lot more engaging than your typical training and applying them to a number of things. Training is really our sweet spot as it brings your

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