The Game Agency Wins 2 International Serious Play Awards

The Game Agency (TGA) wins 2 International Serious Play Awards for a series of K-12 Educational gamified courses recently released across North America.

TGA was awarded 1 Gold and 1 Silver in the categories of Literacy and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for K-12 Education.

The Gold award was given to a gamified course created for The Early Literacy Project, a coalition of corporations and organizations committed to helping teach students in kindergarten, first, and second grade with critical literacy subskills, and cultivating a passion for reading. Comprised of 15 beautifully illustrated mini-games, …

Training Games: The Best Tool to Educate and Motivate Your Employees

Originally presented by Managing Partner Richard Lowenthal at Learning Guild’s DevLearn Conference, October 2019

The Spectrum of Learning

We hate when people say “training is boring.” We don’t think that’s what they really mean. In order to unpack that comment and really understand what is going on in the training, consider where along the line on “the spectrum of learning” your team lies.  Are they emotionally disconnected? Is your training to passive? How active is your training? Some employees are impacted by the content, the performance objectives you have, as well as the corporate culture in which you need

Speaking Presentation at ATD’s Virtual Conference 6/3/2020

June 3rd, 2-3pm EDT

Presenter: Jaime McDonald, EVP, Customer Success, The Game Agency
Session title: Get Your Game On: How to Use Games to Virtually Connect with your Remote Learners


On April 9th, 2020, Microsoft Teams announced that they hit a new record high of 2.7 billion minutes spent in meeting in 1 day! That’s a lot of meetings. We’re all on conference calls or virtual meetings most of the day. Let’s be real, it can get a little tiresome. It’s hard to stay focused, your attention wanders, boredom sets in. Adding games to your virtual meetings ensures active …

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