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Sales Training events, conferences, trade shows, annual company meetings- we all do them. But how do we make them more fun, more engaging while also ensuring that attendees really retain what they’ve learned? Games, of course. Games are perfect for live and virtual events. There are so many ways to use them, here are a few examples.

Maximize live meetings and make them more fun and engaging. Imagine being at a live training conference and being able to play a Jeopardy!® game with your training content on iPads. This is a fun engaging way to break up a session and ensure that your audience is learning the material.

Learners can type the link  into the browser of their own device to start playing immediately. Our Instructor-Paced function lets the instructor control the pace of the game on the screen. We can create a digital remote on your phone with our Motivate Meeting tool. 

Increase knowledge retention and learner engagement with games at your next training event. Showcase the game you created at your next tradeshow and encourage attendees to engage with content on your product and services.

We have several companies who have used our Jeopardy Instructor Led Mode with great success. Attendees really enjoy the competitive game play while also learning the content. 


“We needed attention-grabbing content to help draw attendees into our booths and multiple events worldwide. I deployed the Jump and Match games on behalf of a leading Fortune 100 processor company. These games were high-powered magnets drawing and keeping people in our booth. Thousands of techies have lined up to play the games and had tons of fun while learning!”

Malissa Shaw Sr. Marketing Consultant MMOD LLC.

Here are a few videos showing how we’ve used games at live events.

For rapid deployment look to our turnkey solution The Training Arcade®

The Training Arcade® is a DIY game authoring tool with a library of 10 customizable training games that can be rapidly deployed in 16 languages with any content in minutes (no coding required). Take your gamed-based learning to the next level and add your online training games to Arcades™, our gamification software that has all the gamification features you could ever want to engage and motivate your team.

Our training and gamification platform works seamlessly across mobile, tablet, PC, and touchscreen devices and can be used for eLearning, instructor-led training, and live events.

It’s SCORM compliant and xAPI ready. We also offer SSO integration. Its robust analytics dashboard is designed to unveil patterns of individual and group engagement with any training material, thereby improving training ROI by revealing knowledge gaps, personality behaviors, and group comparisons.

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