Monopoly Zapped

Project: Game App Development

Monopoly Zapped brings the classic game we all love to life through our touch screen devices with interactive features and gameplay for even more fun, excitement and friendly competition.

This game was designed to bring different generations together to play a classic board game with cutting edge technology.

Game Play

Monopoly Zapped allows players to take an app-enhanced trip through the whirlwind world of the classic Monopoly board game.

The following features are what makes Monopoly Zapped such an immersive experience:

  • Smart Banking Cards that keep track of your cash on your device, making banking easy and fun. Simply tap your Banking Card to the device to buy, sell, or collect rent on a property and the app takes care of and tracks the rest.
  • Community Chest and Chance cards that have been brought to life in the form of 20 single player and multiplayer mini games such as:

“Get Out of Jail” in which players are challenged to catapult Mr. Monopoly over the jail wall and into a getaway vehicle. They must choose the trajectory and power of Mr. Monopoly by dragging an arrow from the jail to the desired angle and distance. 

“General Building Repairs” in which players are tasked with fixing a building. As things start to fall off the building, a ring will appear around the event needing attention indicating that the player can interact. By touching the indicated location, the event will either be solved or require a drag to a second location. The game constantly adds money that the player owes as things break, and subtracts money from the player as they’re fixed. This game is designed to be a head-to-head competition against another player. 

“Receiving Money” where the game starts with Mr. Monopoly placing $20 and dropping a hat over it along with 3 adjacent hats. He then starts to move the hats all around at varying speeds and patterns for 15 seconds. After finishing, the player is prompted to pick the hat he or she thinks the money is under. If correct, the player collects their winnings. If incorrect, the player to their right gets the next guess.

Other games cover topics such as the Beauty Pageant, Birthday Piñata, Hospital Fees, Speeding Fine, Leaky Pipes, Energy Saving, and many other topics.

Monopoly Zapped allows players to take an app-enhanced trip through the whirlwind world of the classic Monopoly board game. Join the millions of players who have purchased this game and test your luck, challenge your friends, and win extra cash every step of the way. 

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