VR turns passive training into an immersive experience

Although we might still be a long way from dialing into the Matrix, Virtual Reality (VR) has evolved significantly since Heilig’s Sensorama in the 1960s.

And it isn’t being used strictly for entertainment these days.

VR has made its way into the corporate world with incredible success, and will only evolve to become more commonplace. Whether employees type away at a computer, ring up items at a register, pilot a forklift in a hectic factory, or deliver quarterly sales projections during a shareholder’s meeting, VR can help them be better at what they do.

Bring immersive technologies to your training for all the right reasons

Interactive training games and VR experiences will immerse learners into the content, increase training participation and improve knowledge retention. This strategy ensures your team has the confidence and knowledge they need to perform at their best. 

Where To Use Virtual Reality

100 %

Faster than classroom based

VR delivers better training in less time

0.1 X


Learners will be more emotionally connected with the content

0 %

More Confidence

Employees will be more confident in applying what they've learned

10 %

More Focus

VR Training is perfect for easily distracted learners

VR, a training environment to test, fail and succeed in virtually any field

The Game Agency creates custom VR experiences for many uses cases such as: 

VR turns passive training into an immersive experience, by tricking the brain into thinking what it sees in the virtual world is real.

VR provides a practice playground for individuals to try new skills, safely fail, learn from their mistakes, and succeed on the job.