VR turns passive training into an immersive experience

Although we might still be a long way from dialing into the Matrix, Virtual Reality (VR) has evolved significantly since Heilig’s Sensorama in the 1960s.

And it isn’t being used strictly for entertainment these days.

VR has made its way into the corporate world with incredible success, and will only evolve to become more commonplace. Whether employees type away at a computer, ring up items at a register, pilot a forklift in a hectic factory, or deliver quarterly sales projections during a shareholder’s meeting, VR can help them be better at what they do.

Bring immersive technologies to your training for all the right reasons

Interactive training games and VR experiences will immerse learners into the content, increase training participation and improve knowledge retention. This strategy ensures your team has the confidence and knowledge they need to perform at their best. 

Where To Use Virtual Reality

100 %

Faster than classroom based

VR delivers better training in less time

0.1 X


Learners will be more emotionally connected with the content

0 %

More Confidence

Employees will be more confident in applying what they've learned

10 %

More Focus

VR Training is perfect for easily distracted learners

VR, a training environment to test, fail and succeed in virtually any field

The Game Agency creates custom VR experiences for many uses cases such as: 

VR turns passive training into an immersive experience, by tricking the brain into thinking what it sees in the virtual world is real.

VR provides a practice playground for individuals to try new skills, safely fail, learn from their mistakes, and succeed on the job.

Cyber Security

Product Training

Tourism Training

Warehouse Safety Training

Manufacturing Training

K - College Education

Customer Service Training

Physician Training

Sales Training

Empathy Training

Sexual Harassment Training

Law Enforcement Training

The Game Agency’s depth of experience in gamification and virtual reality training ensures VR training success.

Johnson & Johnson Virtual Training

The Game Agency is using CenarioVR to build a highly interactive VR course for Johnson & Johnson. Learners explore a 3D Learning Hall and Surgical Center. Along the way they learn about a new surgical apparatus for use in ophthalmic surgery. 

The Learning Hall includes a variety of content including:

  • Instructional videos
  • Explorable 3D models
  • Immersive Knowledge check games

The Surgical Center includes:

  • Procedural video
  • VR simulation (viewable via the web, mobile devices, and many VR headsets)
  • Job Aids

The experience will be approximately 30 minutes long and will include an English voiceover with closed captioning in (4 languages – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French).

It will include a gamification layer that tracks progress and performance.

Our final deliverable will be a single web app that can be delivered as a SCORM file to track completion in an LMS.

Georgia Pacific

The Game Agency is using CenarioVR to build a series of six 360° eLearning modules for Georgia Pacific. The modules cover occupational safety and health requirements. 

Each module includes:

  • 360° video backgrounds
  • Instructional videos
  • Explorable, interactive spaces
  • Audio voiceovers
  • Quizzes with feedback

This course will be delivered in English and Spanish.

IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics had recently sold to L’oreal and had hired The Game Agency to build online training for retail sales reps in open-sell environments like Sephora, ULTA, QVC, etc. They were looking for creative ways for reps to obtain facts quickly so the brand could stand out among hundreds of competitors

Our solution: “The Journey”, a platform with a global travel theme, incorporating famous cities in which they would soon be sold

  • Virtual passports for each learner with points, badges, and leaderboards based on the training completed and mastered
  • Hundreds of product training videos
  • Dozens of micro-games to train and test rep knowledge across products
  • An interactive EDU manual to provide reps with on-the-fly information about the ingredients, colors, and pairing options for every product
  • Immersive training for learners to dive deeper into the content
  • Social forum for reps to ask questions and share best practices
  • Rewards for rising to the top of the leaderboard

Today, the centerpiece of The Journey is our Virtual Reality courseware, which is made up of several immersive rooms, each with its own product line: Make Up, Skin Care, and Restore.

And over the past 2 years, IT Cosmetics has seen a 21% growth in sales in comparison to an average industry growth of 3%, and in 2023 we will be adding video coaching to the program as a “train the trainer” functionality.

Cell Power

Cell Power is a Virtual Reality lab experience for middle school students that brings cells to life with an eyes-on and hands-on game.

The course begins in the virtual classroom where students are presented with a 3D visual of an animal cell, including all cell parts and the process behind creating energy.

The mission, if they choose to accept it, is to travel deep inside a human cell to help save its life by pushing Oxygen and Glucose in and excess Carbon Dioxide out.

Throughout this experience, students can choose to explore on their own, be guided by teachers individually, or be guided by teachers as a group over their virtual headsets.

Once the Cell Power mission is complete, students are presented with post-assessment questions, which can be fully customized by teachers.

Teachers are also provided information regarding student progress and quiz results throughout the experience.

IT Cosmetics Success with VR Training Development From The Game Agency

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“The big thing that I love about The Game Agency is that they are willing to dream with me and reach that learner in a very different environment and in a way that still gives them the education and the empathy to make them feel connected to the brand. The Game Agency helps you be even more successful at what you do.”

Shannon Pirie

Group Vice President Education and Global Brand Ambassador at IT

Want to upskill your team 4X faster? Custom VR training by The Game Agency can produce amazing results!

Even as the need for training is growing, shrinking training budgets mean finding the most effective training methods possible. VR training provides 4X faster understanding, focus and engagement with the training content

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