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Are you looking for a creative partner for your next training or education game? You’ve come to the right place. The Game Agency has spent over a dozen years refining our collaborative development process and delivering award-winning solutions that our clients and partners can be proud of. Whether you’ve got a RFP waiting for answers or a complex challenge that needs to be thought through together, you can count on us to jump right in. The Game Agency has a team of exceptional creative strategists, game designers, visual designers, software developers, animators, producers all of whom are committed to educating and activating audience through the power of play. 

Founded in 2007, The Game Agency (TGA), is a game development studio with the mission of activating audiences using the power of video games. The games we create with our clients complement their traditional training methods and engage their learners, while significantly increasing knowledge retention.

We design, develop and launch custom projects based on specific client needs and requirements. We support internal employee training organizations and sales, marketing and communication organizations looking to drive deeper, more meaningful customer experiences. We take pride in being able to apply our gaming expertise to the areas of training and education and thereby deliver BOTH a fun experience and improved learning outcomes. 

The Game Agency has been creating custom games for clients for over 12 years in both the corporate and education sectors. Our games and training are deployed in over 100 countries and in 20+ languages. We have solid experience with international laws, security and data privacy requirements. Our team of developers are highly skilled in making enterprise grade software systems used by tens of millions of customers across the globe.

The Game Agency is made up of 50+ employees with varied skill sets and two things in common: (1) most of us come from the video game industry (2) we are united behind the common goal of making K-College and corporate training more fun and effective with game-based solutions. 

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