Nerf Blaster Challenge App

Project: Mobile App Development

Join the Nerf Blaster Challenge and put your Nerf skills to the test!

In this augmented reality first person shooter game, players are fully immersed in a 360 degree augmented reality experience where the goal is to hit as many pop-up targets as possible with your Nerf Blaster of choice. Make sure you use the Radar System so you can keep ahead of those targets!

Game Play

This is mobile based augmented reality FPS (first person shooter) game was to be used in conjunction with a variety of Nerf blaster guns, we see a HUD (head up display) and a 3D rendered model of your selected blaster over-layed on a live camera feed.

Select from available Blasters or Scan Nerf Packages to gain access to new Nerf Blasters like the N-Strike Rayven CS-18 and the Vortex Lumitron as you complete the Vortex and N-Strike Challenges. Start playing by using the heads up display and a 3D rendered model of their blaster over-layed on a live camera feed. 

Learn about the stats of each Nerf Blaster before choosing which one to take with you into your challenge.

Show off your Blaster speed and precision as you unlock new levels and earn stars. 

At the end of each level, check out your results including Total Shots Taken, Targets Destroyed, Efficiency, and Time. Choose to replay the level to up your scores or move onto the next level.

At any time you can pause the game to explore game options, instructions, or return to the main menu.

This game has been played more than 3.2 million times and successfully helped launch the new line of Nerf™ products for Hasbro.

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