The Game Agency’s management team has implemented 6 core values to encourage a shared understanding of the “soul” of our agency. Our set of beliefs are meant to inspire our employee’s day‐to‐day working lives and ensure new hires will thrive in our environment.

Our 6 core values

Insightful Interactions

Listen actively for what isn’t being said, ask the right questions, and be thoughtful with each answer

Spirited Attitude

Spirited attitude – Work together with enthusiasm and resilience and find time to applaud, give back, and celebrate others

Open Minds

Embrace new ways of thinking and working and be receptive and respectful towards the ideas of others

Entrepreneurial Approach

Entrepreneurial approach – Proactively seek opportunities and solutions and accept accountability for your decisions and actions

Proactive Thinking

Continually challenge yourself and ask “Is there a better way?”

Have Fun

We firmly believe that the more you enjoy your job, the more successful you’ll be.

Current Openings

Thanks for checking out our job openings.

We are looking for a lead game designer to lead game design efforts across our product (The Training Arcade®) and custom game systems for adult learning and continuing education. The games involve unique systems that support learning objectives and involve collaboration across a large and talented team of visual designers, software engineers, instructional designers, product managers, producers and clients.

Let’s make something great