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From the warehouse to the selling floor our game-based training can be utilized anywhere, anytime

Games tap into that drive to be the best and provide just the right amount of intrinsic (leaderboard bragging rights) and extrinsic motivation (awards, swag and prizes).

The retail industry is comprised of many different types of employees from shipping and logistics to visual merchants and sales associates on the selling floor and they all need great training. Whether it’s process driven training in the warehouse or soft skills training on the selling floor, Companies need to ensure their staff is confident in their job and can deliver results. 

Games are the perfect for retail training. A Sort-It type game is great for training your team on mastering a specific process such as picking and packing products in a warehouse. A branching-path or simulation type game is the right mechanic for training soft skills such as customer service, empathy or communication. These “scenario” type games provide situations or simulations represented with animation, imagery or video and the player needs to select the best response to achieve the desired outcome. Feedback is provided along the “paths” to help the player learn. This game also provides a safe place for the learner to fail and learn from their mistakes. 

Games tap into that drive to be the best and provide just the right amount of intrinsic (leaderboard bragging rights) and extrinsic motivation (awards, swag and prizes). We work with several companies who are looking to change to their PowerPoint or training-manual approach to one that is instead fun and engaging. Game-based learning is active vs. passive and has been proven to increase knowledge retention. Games provide a chance to pre-train a global sales team before a sales event and after the event to assess retention. Games provide measurable data to help trainers understand where there may be gaps in learning. Our games are web-based and fully responsive to mobile and tablets so they can be played anywhere and anytime which is perfect for a global workforce that may always be “on the road.” 

Here are a few examples of some games we’ve created for companies looking for solutions to engage their salesforce. 

Merchandising Training
Sales Training

How can we help you be a training hero?

The Game Agency has been creating custom games for clients for over a dozen years in both the corporate and education sectors. Our training games are deployed in over 100 countries and in 20+ languages. Our enterprise grade software systems are used by tens of millions of customers across the globe. Read more about our story here.

We can create a gamified desktop game, mobile app or VR experience from the ground up or we can “reskin” one of our games from The Training Arcade (our game-authoring tool) with your branding. Our team of developers, digital illustrators, and project managers are here to bring your vision to life.

Games provide a place for learners to actively engage with their learning material. Games tap into learner’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and provides feedback, recognition and rewards along the way. Games encourage learners to return repeatedly to increase their score and move up the leaderboard. Games can also be played easily with a mobile phone or tablet which is perfect for live conferences and teams who travel frequently.

Yes! The Training Arcade® is a DIY Game Authoring Tool with a library of 8 training games that can be rapidly deployed in 16 languages with any content in minutes (no coding required). This platform works seamlessly across mobile, tablet, PC, and touchscreen devices and can be used for eLearning, instructor led training, and live events.

Games make the training more fun and engaging. They provide a “practice playground” for your team to fail and learn in a safe place. Games also provide data that helps you understand where there may be gaps in the learning. 

Since game play is active rather than passive, learners are naturally more engaged as they want to win. Games encourage learners to return repeatedly to increase their score and move up the leaderboard. How many times do you hear about your learners returning over and over again to your PowerPoint presentation or training manual?

The analytics dashboard in a custom game or in a game in The Training Arcade is engineered to unveil patterns of individual and group engagement with your material, thereby improving your training ROI by revealing knowledge gaps, personality behaviors, and group comparison. Sort topline data including the number of users, scores, rank, sessions, session duration, % of questions correct / incorrect, and total questions answered.

We take security quite seriously, We offer single sign-on integration (SAML & OKTA) and user authentication. We also offer Enterprise security functionality (cloud-based SaaS platform with unlimited storage and bandwidth, daily database backups, redundant infrastructure, and 24-hour monitoring).

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