A meeting content remote that makes live and virtual meetings easy for presenters and engaging for attendees.

Multi-Media Content Remote

With a click of the finger, presenters can easily navigate through the following content, making their meeting much more interactive.



Project your training material on big screens, touch screens, tablets, and mobile devices


Evoke audience emotion with compelling video that brings your training content to life

Image Gallery

Rotate through images of products and people to get your audience more familiar with your product and/or culture


Provide a practice playground in which your audience can repeatedly engage with the material


Keep your users active and engaged in your content with micro-learning activities


Ask the audience a question. Then watch as the chart updates automatically with their responses

HTML Content

Deliver web based content to ensure your learning easily accessible


Encourage competition among learners with points and prizes

Learning types

50 – 5000 People

Motivate Meeting accommodates meetings of all sizes and all topics including new employee onboarding, products training, and sales training.

Real Time Analytics

Data is king and our real-time analytics dashboard provide actionable data at the individual level and group level to access learner behaviors and learning gaps and successes.


Device Agnostic!

Available on mobile, tablet, and touchscreen.

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