Five Ways To Gamify Employee Assessments

Some of the biggest challenges I notice in conventional workplace training programs include earning employee engagement and increasing knowledge retention. If we throw in an assessment at the end of an unsuccessful training program, we run the risk of uninspiring employees and losing their participation.

So what should training programs look like instead? Consider that 89% of respondents in one small survey said they are more productive at work when learning is gamified. I have seen firsthand how gamification has become a key element not only to increase the enjoyment of training but also to engage an employee’s willingness to …

Ready? Set. Perform. Use Learning Games to Boost Performance



Managing Partner, Stephen Baer join Chris Willis, Director of Product Content, eLearning Brothers in a webinar on how to use games to boost employee performance.

Stephen: We are going to talk today about mapping different types of games to different performance objectives. It’s a really important topic because often people want to use games but they ask what games make the most sense.

We polled the audience on their role and discovered that 33% are Learning Experience Designers, 37% are Learning Developers, 19% are Learning Managers and 2% are Business Managers / Consultant, the remaining 9% fall into

Leveraging Simulations and Storytelling to Enhance Leadership Development

Dr. Wanda T. Wallace, Ph.D. joined Stephen Baer, Managing Partner, The Game Agency for a webinar discussing how to leverage simulation and storytelling to enhance leadership development. The video of the webinar can be found here.

About the Presenters:

Dr. Wanda T. Wallace:

Managing Partner of Leadership Forum
Author of You Can’t Know It All
Host of “Out of the Comfort Zone” podcast
Speaker, Executive Coach, and Facilitator

Stephen Baer:

Co-Founder of The Game Agency and The Training Arcade®
Monthly contributor to
Speaker at EdTech conferences
Former Director of Marketing @ Atari Inc.

Stephen Baer: Let’s talk about …

Creating A Work Environment Of Social Equality

In the United States, workplace discrimination based on race, religion, gender, or disability is illegal. However, since 2010, more than 1 million (paywall) employment discrimination complaints have been filed, and 82% of those cases resulted in no relief for the worker. Even more unsettling, cases filed about race have the lowest percentage (15%) of success in terms of relief.

Whether through the hiring process, performance reviews, or benefits received, workplace inequality is a big problem in the United States. With people worldwide taking to the streets to protest racial injustices, it’s as important as ever for business leaders …

The Game Agency Wins 2 International Serious Play Awards

The Game Agency (TGA) wins 2 International Serious Play Awards for a series of K-12 Educational gamified courses recently released across North America.

TGA was awarded 1 Gold and 1 Silver in the categories of Literacy and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for K-12 Education.

The Gold award was given to a gamified course created for The Early Literacy Project, a coalition of corporations and organizations committed to helping teach students in kindergarten, first, and second grade with critical literacy subskills, and cultivating a passion for reading. Comprised of 15 beautifully illustrated mini-games, …

Happy young indian girl with headphones looking at laptop screen.

E-Learning Refresh: 6 Tips to Improve the Learner Experience

Guest post, written by Amy Morrisey of Artisan E-Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the need for effective e-learning into the spotlight. Your workers and volunteers retreated to their homes, training became remote, and your organization’s teams found themselves more physically distant than ever before. Thankfully, whether you’re trying to boost association member engagement or improve employee collaboration and community, e-learning is a powerful tool in the effort.

However, all e-learning is not created equally. Learners are busy, and their time is valuable. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to lose their attention. A course in the hands of

The Game Agency Launches New JEOPARDY!® Online Group Play™ for Training & Web Conference Calls.

The Game Agency (TGA) announces the launch of The Training Arcade®’s JEOPARDY! Online Group Play (OGP™), the ultimate engagement driver for virtual training and web conference calls.

Building on the only official, Sony licensed JEOPARDY!® training game, TGA optimized the new functionality for the express purpose of grabbing and keeping the attention of web conference participants. JEOPARDY!® OGP works seamlessly with all major video conferencing tools including Zoom, WebEx, Go-To-Meeting, Google Hangout, BlueJeans, and more.

Using the do-it-yourself game builder in The Training Arcade, game hosts can quickly create and launch games on …

Training Games: The Best Tool to Educate and Motivate Your Employees

Originally presented by Managing Partner Richard Lowenthal at Learning Guild’s DevLearn Conference, October 2019

The Spectrum of Learning

We hate when people say “training is boring.” We don’t think that’s what they really mean. In order to unpack that comment and really understand what is going on in the training, consider where along the line on “the spectrum of learning” your team lies.  Are they emotionally disconnected? Is your training to passive? How active is your training? Some employees are impacted by the content, the performance objectives you have, as well as the corporate culture in which you need

Help Workers Combat Stress and Anxiety With Games

An estimated 19.1% of Americans currently suffer from an anxiety disorder, and 31% will experience anxiety at some point in their lives. Coupled with the stress of COVID-19, experts predict that to intensify as more people live in isolation.

With no end in sight for social distancing rules in many cities, people have turned to physical and digital games to relieve stress and anxiety. Call it a comeback — or a means of necessity — but games are now helping us creatively, intellectually, and emotionally cope with the current times and focus on the future.

Why More People Are Playing

Getting Serious (Games) about Soft Skills Training

DevLearn presentation on 10/24/20, the ELB stage by Richard Lowenthal, Managing Partner, The Game Agency. Watch the presentation here.

Serious games- it’s a bit of an oxymoron. Serious games help provide effective soft skills training that ultimately helps your employees do their jobs better. We know there is a battle you have to fight within your company to enable the decision-makers to bring this highly effective tool to your learners (employees). We firmly believe educating employees is a very meaningful vocation.

The Game Agency combines game development with education to empower trainers to activate their audience. Emotionally touching your employees

Using the Pomodoro Technique to Engage and Train Remote Learners

Two months ago, no one was talking about social distancing. Now, it’s an undercurrent of every conversation. Companies are flocking to remote collaboration tools, some of which have added millions of users in recent weeks.

For some, remote working is nothing new. However, many of us aren’t just working remotely. We’re also taking care of our home-bound families. We’re homeschooling. We’re dealing with a significant shift in how our society works as a whole.

It can be more than a little distracting.

It’s no surprise that everyone is looking for ways to stay engaged and productive. In the past …

How Using Games Can Help Leaders Ensure Virtual Employees Feel Valued

Appreciation is a subtle art in the best of times.

In a traditional office setting, a simple thumbs-up, a friendly tone, or verbal recognition can build a sense of employee satisfaction over time. With employees across the world working from home now, these tried-and-true strategies are no longer feasible.

The number of knowledge workers who have transitioned to remote work increased to nearly 6 in 10 by late March, and it didn’t stop there. By 2028, it’s predicted that 73% of all teams will be operating at least partially remotely. While this historic pandemic is temporary, many companies may choose …

How To Boost Collaboration, Community And Connection In A Remote Work Environment

Remote work is the new normal. Companies are turning to remote work in droves. There are thousands of resources about how to work efficiently from home, but there are three things I find missing from most of them: collaboration, community, and connection.

The average American spends eight-plus hours at work every day. That’s eight hours of socializing, collaboration, and intellectual competition. Work is not just a place we go to accomplish tasks. It’s a community. For close-knit communities, it can be a second family. Suddenly, that’s been stripped away from many, and we’re starving for the human element of work.…

Microlearning: The Future Of Professional Development

Originally Published in Forbes, Mar 19th, 2020

From dawn to dusk: That’s how long the average adult spends on-screen — about 11 hours daily.

At the same time, corporate trainers are trying to grab employee attention long enough to educate them and ensure the information sticks. Tools like EJ4 let viewers watch five- to 10-minute training videos, while Google Primer provides five-minute interactive lessons on the go, and our platform, The Training Arcade®, offers three- to five-minute microgames to reinforce information and assess learner knowledge. Each of these bite-sized and user-friendly tools takes the limited time (and attention) users …

How Gamified Training is Attracting a New Generation of Workers to Blue-Collar Industries

Originally featured in Forbes on Feb 3, 2020

A combination of a college-focused society and negative attitudes about vocational careers has driven some sectors into recruitment turmoil in recent years leading many companies to reevaluate how they recruit and train. Gamified training has proven to be an excellent solution.

As the baby boomer generation ages and reaches retirement, manufacturingconstruction, and transportation companies have struggled to hire young new talent. Beyond the shortage of people who are qualified and interested in these roles, I believe these industries are having increased difficulty filling roles because those workers who do …

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