Gamified Training

Training Games: The Best Tool to Educate and Motivate Your Employees

Originally presented by Managing Partner Richard Lowenthal at Learning Guild’s DevLearn Conference, October 2019

The Spectrum of Learning

We hate when people say “training is boring.” We don’t think that’s what they really mean. In order to unpack that comment and really understand what is going on in the training, consider where along the line on “the spectrum of learning” your team lies.  Are they emotionally disconnected? Is your training to passive? How active is your training? Some employees are impacted by the content, the performance objectives you have, as well as the corporate culture in which you need

How Gamified Training is Attracting a New Generation of Workers to Blue-Collar Industries

Originally featured in Forbes on Feb 3, 2020

A combination of a college-focused society and negative attitudes about vocational careers has driven some sectors into recruitment turmoil in recent years leading many companies to reevaluate how they recruit and train. Gamified training has proven to be an excellent solution.

As the baby boomer generation ages and reaches retirement, manufacturingconstruction, and transportation companies have struggled to hire young new talent. Beyond the shortage of people who are qualified and interested in these roles, I believe these industries are having increased difficulty filling roles because those workers who do …

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