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E-Learning Refresh: 6 Tips to Improve the Learner Experience

Guest post, written by Amy Morrisey of Artisan E-Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the need for effective e-learning into the spotlight. Your workers and volunteers retreated to their homes, training became remote, and your organization’s teams found themselves more physically distant than ever before. Thankfully, whether you’re trying to boost association member engagement or improve employee collaboration and community, e-learning is a powerful tool in the effort.

However, all e-learning is not created equally. Learners are busy, and their time is valuable. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to lose their attention. A course in the hands of

Using the Pomodoro Technique to Engage and Train Remote Learners

Two months ago, no one was talking about social distancing. Now, it’s an undercurrent of every conversation. Companies are flocking to remote collaboration tools, some of which have added millions of users in recent weeks.

For some, remote working is nothing new. However, many of us aren’t just working remotely. We’re also taking care of our home-bound families. We’re homeschooling. We’re dealing with a significant shift in how our society works as a whole.

It can be more than a little distracting.

It’s no surprise that everyone is looking for ways to stay engaged and productive. In the past …

How Using Games Can Help Leaders Ensure Virtual Employees Feel Valued

Appreciation is a subtle art in the best of times.

In a traditional office setting, a simple thumbs-up, a friendly tone, or verbal recognition can build a sense of employee satisfaction over time. With employees across the world working from home now, these tried-and-true strategies are no longer feasible.

The number of knowledge workers who have transitioned to remote work increased to nearly 6 in 10 by late March, and it didn’t stop there. By 2028, it’s predicted that 73% of all teams will be operating at least partially remotely. While this historic pandemic is temporary, many companies may choose …

How To Boost Collaboration, Community And Connection In A Remote Work Environment

Remote work is the new normal. Companies are turning to remote work in droves. There are thousands of resources about how to work efficiently from home, but there are three things I find missing from most of them: collaboration, community, and connection.

The average American spends eight-plus hours at work every day. That’s eight hours of socializing, collaboration, and intellectual competition. Work is not just a place we go to accomplish tasks. It’s a community. For close-knit communities, it can be a second family. Suddenly, that’s been stripped away from many, and we’re starving for the human element of work.…

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