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The Game Agency Launches New JEOPARDY!® Online Group Play™ for Training & Web Conference Calls.

The Game Agency (TGA) announces the launch of The Training Arcade®’s JEOPARDY! Online Group Play (OGP™), the ultimate engagement driver for virtual training and web conference calls.

Building on the only official, Sony licensed JEOPARDY!® training game, TGA optimized the new functionality for the express purpose of grabbing and keeping the attention of web conference participants. JEOPARDY!® OGP works seamlessly with all major video conferencing tools including Zoom, WebEx, Go-To-Meeting, Google Hangout, BlueJeans, and more.

Using the do-it-yourself game builder in The Training Arcade, game hosts can quickly create and launch games on …

How Using Games Can Help Leaders Ensure Virtual Employees Feel Valued

Appreciation is a subtle art in the best of times.

In a traditional office setting, a simple thumbs-up, a friendly tone, or verbal recognition can build a sense of employee satisfaction over time. With employees across the world working from home now, these tried-and-true strategies are no longer feasible.

The number of knowledge workers who have transitioned to remote work increased to nearly 6 in 10 by late March, and it didn’t stop there. By 2028, it’s predicted that 73% of all teams will be operating at least partially remotely. While this historic pandemic is temporary, many companies may choose …


Are you Ready for Generation Z?

Generation Z refers to the group born between 1995 and 2010 and currently represents the largest population sector. They make up about 24% of the population (compared to Millennials representing about 22%, Gen X at 19% and Baby Boomers at 23%). It’s estimated that Gen Z is at approximately 2.52 billion! Many of them have graduated from college and are looking for employment. Is your company ready?

Gen Z is unique in that they are the first generation who has never known a world without the internet. They’ve had their entire lives documented; they were practically born with smartphones in …

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