Are you Ready for Generation Z?

Generation Z refers to the group born between 1995 and 2010 and currently represents the largest population sector. They make up about 24% of the population (compared to Millennials representing about 22%, Gen X at 19% and Baby Boomers at 23%). It’s estimated that Gen Z is at approximately 2.52 billion! Many of them have graduated from college and are looking for employment. Is your company ready?

Gen Z is unique in that they are the first generation who has never known a world without the internet. They’ve had their entire lives documented; they were practically born with smartphones in their hands. They self-educate, crowdsource and are entrepreneurial in spirit. They’re adept at using technology and are “always on.” They want to learn and master strong leadership skills and care deeply about their careers and finding a path to success. Gen Zers are also passionate about the environment and want to be part of a bigger picture. They want to know that their work provides a social purpose and mission.

What is the best way to prepare for them? How can you woo great Gen Z talent? How do you engage them and retain them? Here are 5 ways to get your company prepared:

1. Technology

Is your work environment truly digital? Make sure you have a great website and active social media to attract talent. Gen Zers will look (and judge). Think about all your benefits and processes, eg. human resources, 401K, health insurance, student loan repayment, educational stipends- can all of it be reached via a website? Are they all optimized for mobile? What about company information- organization charts, handbooks, compliance information, etc. Are those all easy to find digitally?

2. Training and Learning

Gen Zers know that they have to constantly be learning to stay on top of fast-moving technology. They fear recessions and are aware of the disappearance of jobs and industries. According to Buckminster Fuller and his theory of “knowledge doubling,” learning is accelerating at a crazy rate. So, companies must focus on training more and more. Games are the perfect tool for training. The Game Agency recently completed a study of 1,000 training games and found that the average employee played each game 2.9 times for 6 minutes per session (18 minutes total) and improved knowledge retention by 64%. When employees have good training and feel competent, they perform better.

3. 8 Second Attention Span / Micro-Learning

Those in Generation Z have only an 8-second attention span and therefore respond well to micro-learning, also known as bite-size training instruction. Games provide engaging imagery and training sessions can be done in small chunks making them perfect for this generation. Our game-authoring tool The Training Arcade® helps you create micro training games with your content in minutes.

4. Frequent feedback

Gen Zers like feedback. Games help employees test their knowledge in a “safe” environment and encourage them to stick with the material until they have mastered it. We call this a “practice playground.” With good analytics, companies can instantly see what questions players know and where there are knowledge gaps. Understanding this allows companies to adjust their training to focus on challenging topics. Leaderboards, point systems, badges, and rewards are also forms of positive feedback that Gen Zers love.

5. Wellness

Gen Zers believe strongly in wellness and companies who embrace wellness and health programs will attract talent. Aside from offering discounts on gym memberships, over 70% of companies are gamifying their wellness programs. Games offer leaderboards, point scoring, competition, and rewards- it’s a perfect way to encourage your employees to take care of their health. Why not invest in activity trackers and add a wellness game to your LMS. Keeping your employees healthy is key to efficiency and production.

Members of Generation Z are passionate about their work and want clear career goals. They will stay with you if they feel that they’re making a difference and learning. Investing in their training is imperative to retaining top talent! Make it fun because everyone likes fun. Incorporating games into your training and onboarding processes will ensure you are offering a fun and cooperative environment.

Try The Training Arcade® to create your games. It’s a game-authoring tool with a library of customizable training games that can be rapidly deployed with any content in minutes (no coding required). This tool is easy, fast and affordable; it’s the perfect solution for customizing your training with games or simulations to actively engage employees and improve knowledge for just about anyone on your staff and most certainly those in Gen Z.

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