The Game Agency Wins at DemoFest!

Last week The Game Agency won “Best of Show” at the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions DemoFest. This lively science fair-like event showcased over 40 custom eLearning solutions. Attendees were encouraged to walk from table to table to speak to the creators of each project about the design, technology, and process behind them.

The Game Agency presented The Endeavor Healthcare course, designed to teach middle school students about careers in the healthcare industry. Students adopt the role of a doctor at a walk-in clinic and are taught to diagnose and treat 3 patients with varying medical concerns. They are encouraged to click around and explore the space through the use of discoverable animation. As they experience different scenarios in a health clinic, they also have the opportunity to learn more about careers in the healthcare industry.

The course is divided into 2 halves, the initial consultation with the patient and the follow-up appointment when the student decides the course of treatment. In the initial consultation, students review the patient files for red flags. In the examination room, they will investigate the patient’s concerns using visual observation, patient interview and physical examination using instruments such as stethoscopes and reflex hammers. After the student has collected information from the patient, they are prompted to send their patient for further examination using one of 3 medical technologies: X-Ray, Echocardiogram or CT Scan.

This process repeats for all 3 patients, as the student selects the correct answers the satisfaction meter of the patient increases. After the student has explored different careers in healthcare, the second half of the experience begins with interpreting the results of the imaging. Students are shown videos of the relevant procedure in action then given the results in the form of a spot-the-differences puzzle with the normal results on the left and their patients abnormal results on the right. When the students have spotted the abnormal portions of their patients’ results, they are guiding through a short review of the treatment options available to them at the clinician- sending them home for rest, treating them in the office or referring them to a specialist.

This process repeats until all patients are satisfied and students are given another opportunity to learn more about careers in healthcare. By going through this interactive experience, students are shown how doctor’s utilize observation and deduction with assistance from modern medical technologies. Guided whimsical role play demystifies the experience of seeing a doctor and empowers the student to start the journey on a career in healthcare.

The Endeavor Healthcare course was created in partnership with Everfi, a leading education technology company, and is now available in over 20,000 schools nationwide.

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