Moodle users gain bonus points with eThink Education and the Training Arcade ™

Motivation and engagement are key considerations when designing professional development materials.

With their years of experience in e-learning services, Moodle Partner eThink Education are rapidly becoming the go-to people for anyone needing help with in-house training.

The company recently announced an exciting partnership with The Game Agency. This means that 100,000 Moodle users will now have access to The Training Arcade ™ library of customisable games.

The Training Arcade ™

An award-winning game-based solution, the Training Arcade ™ is an intuitive game builder with a library of licensable training games that can be customised in minutes. The platform includes 7 unique game mechanics, 15 languages, an analytics dashboard, leaderboard, and SCORM packages making it a seamless integration with Moodle.

“Increased retention, motivation, and engagement from The Training Arcade™ allows our users to continuously improve learning outcomes” says Joseph McDonald, Managing partner at the Game Agency.

“We’re excited to partner with The Game Agency to offer our clients the opportunity to include a social and competitive element to the eLearning experience through gamified content,” said Brian Carlson, CEO of eThink Education. “The Training Arcade’s library of customizable games can help make learning more enjoyable and rewarding, leading to increased engagement and knowledge retention.”

New and existing employees and learners in all sectors will benefit from the variety of games which, by incorporating multimedia and multi-player options and leaderboards. In a sample group of 1,500 learners, The Training Arcade showed a 18% lift in knowledge retrieval between the first and third time an employee responded to important job-related questions. This correlates quite favorably with more general industry statistics that show an 11% improvement in declarative knowledge (from general professional education games) as indicated in from a research study conducted by Traci Sitzmann from the University of Colorado Denver.

Company trainers and educators in all sectors will benefit from the robust analytics which deliver actionable data to ensure you are always getting the best performance and results from those engaging in the games.

Partnering with the Game Agency is a natural addition to eThink Education’s fully-managed eLearning solution for open-source Moodle. The company offers cloud hosting, integration, consultation, implementation and management services. Team members regularly present and share their knowledge at Moodle conferences (MoodleMoots) throughout the world, such as the upcoming MoodleMoot US in Denver from 29-30 October.

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