Day: November 1, 2018


The Creation of the Compassion Project – Best of Show” at ELearning Guild’s 2018

EverFi & The Game Agency Win “Best of Show” at ELearning Guild’s 2018 DevLearn DemoFest for The Creation of the Compassion Project

Last week the eLearning Guild recognized EverFi, an innovative education technology company and The Game Agency, an educational software developer with the “Best of Show” award for the creation of The Compassion Project, a game-based course created to provide educators with the tools they need to teach and reinforce concepts such as compassion, empathy, and mindfulness to 2nd-4th grade students.


The course, which has been released into 20,000 schools across North America, aligns with state educational standards

Make Learning Fun With Games

Make Learning Fun With Games

Managing Partner, Stephen Baer explains how to “Make Learning Fun With Games” in Beyond Exclamation.

Today, people spend more time online through smartphone, tablet and computer than ever before. The average person today consumes digital media for nearly 11 hours each day and diverts their attention between their tablet, smartphone or computer almost 21 times every hour. Simply put, people now do not consider what they are looking at, but rather “what else they should be looking at?”

The way we communicate has fundamentally transformed in day-to day life. And it becomes difficult for companies to get audience’s attention through …

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