Welcome to our JEOPARDY!® Learning & Development Professional Meet Up Series. Join us every Friday at 1pm ET to play a weekly virtual multiplayer JEOPARDY! game with clues that previously aired on TV. Come, play, learn, and challenge each other for one of these weekly prizes* Use this link to register for free! 1st place – $25 Amazon gift card 2nd place – $15 Amazon gift card 3rd place – $10 Amazon gift card         The goals for the meet-ups are for learning & development professionals to experience first-hand how they can use game-based training to:

  • Create a social learning environment for employees
  • Facilitate emotional interactions with learning content
  • Identify knowledge gaps to implement immediate course correction
  • Motivate learners with intrinsic rewards (bragging rights) and extrinsic rewards (a small prize for being the most news knowledgeable)

Your Fridays will never be the same again! Use this link to register for free! * One prize per person per month. A digital gift card in the amount of $25, $15, or $10 will be awarded to the players ranking 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, respectively, on the leaderboard associated with the Jeopardy! game held during weekly. Prizes will be awarded based on the leaderboard ranking achieved by participants during the game session with a score tie-breaker based on the total time taken by the players to respond to all the Clues. The Game Agency is not responsible for any internet connectivity or technical issues players may experience while playing. Rulings by The Game Agency or their representatives are final. Winners will be contacted at the email address provided by players during the game session registration. By participating, players agree to The Training Arcade® Privacy Policy available at this link and to the Terms of Use available at this link.

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