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The VR game called Cell Power was created to provide an immersive virtual reality experience, giving middle school students an eyes-on and hands-on experience that brings cells to life.


An immersive virtual reality classroom, for middle school STEM students. Cell Power brings biology to life through animation of cellular organisms.

Students begin in a virtual classroom, where they are presented with a detailed representation of an animal cell. This is used to present the parts of the cell and how cells create the energy. Students are then asked to identify the key elements of the cell taught during the lesson.

From there, they travel deep inside a human cell, for the Cell Power experience where they help to save a living cell, by pushing Oxygen and Glucose into the cell and removing excess Carbon Dioxide waste. Throughout this experience, students can explore on their own or be guided by teachers individually or as a group over their virtual headsets.

Upon completion of the Cell Power activity, students are presented with a quiz, to help evaluate their understanding of the material. All quiz questions can be customized by teachers. Throughout the virtual experience, teachers are provided information regarding student progress quiz results.

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