The Game Agency solves the problem of costly and time consuming training programs. With our tech, our interactive game-based solutions solve time and budget issues that motivate and engage learners and improve learning outcomes. We offer two solutions:

1- Off The Shelf - The Training Arcade™: a library of games ready for deployment in your training programs. Populated with your training material using our back-end game builder tool in minutes. Low cost. High yield engagement. Comes with games, game-builder, registration, leaderboard, analytics dashboard, and integrated in your program.

2- Custom games - We bring your vision to life. From design to implementation. By utilizing The Training Arcade platform we only need to focus on the player experience because we leverage our off the shelf tech to power user registration, analytics, leaderboard and integration. By only focusing on the game we save precious time and budget and deliver the highest quality product at very competitive rates.

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Developing games with a purpose is our specialty.

We use the Power of Play™ to educate, train & promote.

Our games breakthrough today’s information overload.

The result is measurable action and meaningful change.

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