Instructional Writer / Designer

The Instructional/Content Writer works closely with clients, project managers, developers, and game designers in the pursuit of creating intermediate-level, deeply immersive, gamified eLearning experiences! The successful candidate will possess a blend of creativity, strong research and writing skills, solid instructional design background, eLearning experience, client relationship skills, leadership ability, and a strong, dependable work ethic. Previous experience with technical training product training is preferred. We’re looking for a strong, senior content developer that we can count on to lead out on projects, wow clients, and provide guidance to other writers.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Assess raw materials to synthesize, identify gaps, gather questions, and understand the core intent of the topic you are assigned
  • Work with clients and client SMEs to close content gaps and propose design strategies (based on pre-defined templates)
  • Bring our mission statement to life for each course you are assigned through instructionally sound, creative, and immersive scripts and learning activities.
  • Successfully partner with game designers, visual designers, and developers to write scripts that are appropriately scoped, realistic, thorough, and complete
  • Design your projects within the budgeted, allotted hours given
  • Work with visual designers to create visual layouts and aesthetically pleasing slide mock-ups to accompany written scripts and instructions
  • Write detailed developer notes that account for development decisions that pertain to course design (feedback and grading schemas, passing criteria, detailed dialogue, branching, etc.)
  • Lead out in brainstorming sessions with ideas on how to keep training fresh, creative, and fun
  • Meet or exceed promised deadlines, both internally and externally (including accurately estimating your own time)
  • Work closely with project managers to keep them informed of factors affecting the scope and timeline of your project
  • Deliver a high caliber of internal and external customer service
  • Discover client nuances and work them into your products: visual style, corporate personality, jargon, etc.
  • Appropriately record your project hours in Clockify and track the progress of each of your projects
  • Take feedback from internal and external sources in a professional and constructive manner, synthesizing and acting upon comments to polish your product to the best it can be

Potential Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Attend kick-off calls with project managers, designers, and other writers
  • Review storyboards of other writers to ensure quality work and instructional integrity
  • Assist in resourcing writers for new projects
  • Help interview, vet, onboard, train and support new writers
  • Facilitate cross-department communication for process improvement
  • Help promote effective LXD strategies to improve our products and solutions
  • Help support and collaborate with other LXDs as necessary

Required Qualifications:

  • 5+ years successful experience with eLearning design
  • Intermediate experience with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Strong writing and grammar skills
  • Previous experience serving in a senior or lead capacity
  • Previous experience working directly with clients
  • Previous experience working with rapid eLearning authoring tools (to assist in your design strategy)

Desired Qualifications:

  • Formal education in instructional design, instructional psychology, writing, adult education, or similar
  • Experience writing or facilitating technical product training in areas such as cyber security, data analysis, etc.
  • CPTD certification from ATD
  • Professional certificates related to instructional or eLearning design
  • Experience with a variety of corporate clients: pharmaceutical, safety, interpersonal, sales, product, leadership, etc.
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