How to Gamify Soft Skills Training with eLearning Brothers and Vyond 10/2

Do your employees have the soft skills they need to be successful? If not, game-based training can help!

In this live webinar, The Training Arcade®, eLearning Brothers, and Vyond showed you how to deliver scenario training with virtual characters, challenges, and gamified branching paths.

We then demonstrated three soft skills games specific to customer service training, sales enablement, and internal communication. Then we showed you how they were created.

This webinar will cover both strategic and tactical topics, including:

  • Instructional design techniques required for creating effective scenario games.
  • The benefits of branching paths and how to build them in The Training Arcade.
  • Gamified branching using three types of media in The Training Arcade: your own video footage, eLearning Brothers assets, and Vyond animation.
  • How to use Vyond (short beginner tutorial).
  • How to tap into the eLearning Brothers vast asset library.
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