Social Skills Game


Character is the essence of an individual’s makeup; it defines who they are and impacts everything from the decisions they make to the relationships they keep. However, “character” is not a subject typically taught in schools. With 62% of teachers reporting instances of bullying in their schools in the past month, guiding children and young adults towards positive, healthy relationships is becoming imperative. How do we reach impressionable young minds in a way that speaks to them and helps them build strong attributes during these critical formative years?

Creative Execution

The Game Agency, in partnership with the nation’s leading education technology company, set out to develop a game-based course to actively engage students in complex, true-to-life situations and challenge them to analyze influences, understand and manage emotions, and make decisions in a safe, non-judgmental virtual environment.

The digital learning experience is a graphic novel-style set of six, 30 minute modules developed specifically for middle schoolers that focus on effective communication, conflict resolution, and fine tuning healthy relationships between peers. The self-paced interactive scenarios offer a safe space to analyze and refine reactions to common situations and provides real-time feedback and external resources for additional information.

Teachers are supported by a curriculum guide that includes supplemental offline lesson plans, pre-and post activity assessments, and engaging discussion guides that allow students to bring their own reflections and experiences into the conversation. The course creates a journey of self-exploration for students in a nurturing environment that helps them build integrity and a positive disposition during this crucial time in their development.



Research shows that social-emotional learning programs improve a student’s academic performance by as much as 83%. This fully-digital course is available on both PC and tablet directly in schools thereby ensuring that every student has the emotional and social foundation for life-long success. Character Playbook is making a significant mark in communities across the nation, with nearly 1,000 schools using it to set students up for success. Adopted by the hometown communities of all 32 NFL teams, the program is free to schools and has helped more than 200,000 students.