Monopoly Zapped


People have been playing Monopoly for nearly a century; it’s one of those games enjoyed by both young and old alike. However, the classic game needs to introduce fresh new ways to play for a new generation. How can we provide more fun and excitement while also simplifying some of its more tedious aspects, such as banking? How can you be expected to grow your empire when the banker shorts you a few bills? With modern technology, there has to be a solution to keep gameplay intact while simplifying some of the more monotonous details and enhancing others.

Creative Execution

The Game Agency was able to solve this problem by developing the first tablet and mobile-enhanced Monopoly board game, Monopoly Zapped. This app, developed specifically for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, works hand-in-hand with the physical board game to enhance the age-old classic with interactive features and gameplay.

With Monopoly Zapped, players use their device for smart banking to keep track of cash. Special banking cards can be swiped directly to the device to buy properties, collect rent, and pay taxes. Your device acts as the bank; no more fighting over how much change the banker is supposed to give you!

Players can also play mini games to challenge their friends and win extra cash. Can’t pay your way out of jail? No problem: One mini game allows you to play your way out of jail! The device also acts in place of Community Chest and Chance cards; you’ll never be scrambling for lost cards again.


“We like the new way to play. It keeps the game pretty close to the original game with little extras,” said one reviewer of the game. “I liked not using the paper money (yes I am lazy with math) and that they kept the actual property cards and hotel/house pieces.”

The app can serve up to 20 single and multiplayer games. Pause gameplay at any time without needing to remember how much money each player had.

Download the companion app in the Apple App Store to enhance your Monopoly experience with Monopoly Zapped!