Things move fast in the business world. With products and processes constantly being replaced, how do we keep employees in the know about the latest and greatest to ensure they have accurate answers when a customer comes with questions?

Creative Execution

Introducing Jump, a highly addictive game created by The Game Agency that combines competition, training, and branding. Users guide an astronaut as he jumps from platform to platform to reach even greater heights and increase their score. Short, multiple choice and true/false questions on randomized platforms give users a “jump boost” for each correct answer. Miss a platform and it’s game over.

Jump easily incorporates key messages throughout the game to reinforce learning as users play. In addition, users receive real-time performance results to support them when they are struggling. Individual and team leaderboards promote competition between different stores or organizations, ensuring a high level of replayability as users compete for higher scores. The more they play, the more users strengthen their understanding of the content.

Jump is easy to implement and support. By using branded artwork and images, clients can tailor the experience for their users. With The Game Agency’s content management system (CMS), administrators can continually refresh content and questions as new concepts and products become available. This adaptability allows for an endless number of training experiences from one core concept. The game also integrates with existing learning management systems (LMS) to make it that much easier to get your users into the game, and learning new concepts, faster.



Since its launch, Jump has been played by nearly 500,000 employees worldwide.

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