Fire Ring Toss


You’ve heard the beginning of the age-old joke: A guy walks into a bar… He greets his friends, has a seat, and orders himself a beer. After a few minutes of idle chatting, the group becomes bored and looks for some kind of entertainment. The pool table? Looks like a new game just started. Darts? Half of the darts are missing! They need the fun and excitement of a competitive game that they can play now. What’s the best solution? Step into the realm of augmented reality (AR).

Creative Execution

Dos Equis Fire Ring Toss is a branded, tech-forward game created by The Game Agency that marries marketing with technology. Anyone with an accurate eye and a bit of coordination can throw a ring over a bottle, but would you want flaming rings flying all over a crowded bar? No way!

The Game Agency pioneered the way for augmented reality to bringing more fun and engagement to marketing by allowing users to toss virtual flaming rings over real Dos Equis bottles. Scan a Dos Equis bottle with your iPhone’s camera and Dos Equis Fire Ring Toss will quickly create a new game where friends can compete to become the most skilled metaphysical ring flinger.

Dos Equis Fire Ring Toss features two modes: 1) An augmented reality mode that combines real beer bottles with virtual rings, and; 2) A standard mode with a virtual bottle for those times when you don’t have a Dos Equis bottle handy.




The Dos Equis Fire Ring Toss app has created a much safer and cleaner way for those lacking hand-eye coordination and a flame retardant wardrobe to strengthen their skills without burning down the bar.