In the United States, approximately 56,000 people are infected with HIV every year. It is critical that these individuals feel comfortable talking with their physicians to ensure that they are receiving the best care. However, there is more to it than simply making a diagnosis and treating the virus. When a physician doesn’t treat each person with the empathy and respect they deserve, patients can lose trust in their doctors and forego important medications or recommendations.

Creative Execution

Bridge2Care, created by The Game Agency, helps physicians better understand their patients with HIV by providing a customized online e-learning course that focuses on communication, patient engagement, and quality care.

In order to give an in-depth look at both doctor and patient perspectives, the platform follows the lives of two physicians and the journey of two patients as they work together through the patient journey from testing to diagnosis and care initiation. Throughout the five modules of the program, physicians watch video walkthroughs, participate in patient-provider simulations, play interactive health games, and take engaging quizzes to increase their retention of each lesson. Users can earn points and badges along the way, proving their mastery of each concept before moving on to the next module.



The pilot program for Bridge2Care focused on 56 front-line providers in New York City. 93% of these users reported that they felt more prepared to understand and engage with their patients after completing the program.

Bridge2Care is an e-learning resource available to HIV service organizations free of charge. For more information, please contact