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Lundbeck, a Danish international pharmaceutical company, needed an engaging app to help their salesforce become proficient in key product information in advance of  their national sales meeting. They also wanted to ensure that this critical content was retained after the event.


“Today we held our monthly sales meeting. Team members shared feedback on The Training Arcade games saying that they are fun, the points are motivating, and that each experience made them lean-in and think. Overall, we think it’s a very engaging platform for learning!”

Patrick Nardi Sales Training Manager - Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals

The Road to Gold game-based training application provided a robust solution for Lundbeck’s global sales team. It was created by leveraging The Training Arcade®, our DIY game authoring tool that can be easily customized to the client’s needs.

The Training Arcade® has a library of 10 web-based games that allows subscribers to easily add their learning content and publish them for learners to play on any device. The Training Arcade also includes a registration engine, robust analytics dashboard and a player leaderboard. These features helped us seamlessly integrate into Lundbeck’s native learning app. Since the national sales meeting occurred at the same time as the Winter Olympics, Lundbeck chose a Winter Village theme and titled their app The Road to Gold.

The gamified app, easily accessible to sales reps on their company iPads and think pads, featured 8 different stops around the winter village. At each stop, the rep needed to consume different types of training content such as videos and interactive pdfs. In order to get to the next stop, they needed to play the training games that also assessed them on the material they just learned. Once a rep completed all the elements at the first stop, they were able to unlock the content to move on.

In order to ensure the reps understood the content that they would be discussing at the meeting, they needed to complete the first 5 stops (or modules) prior to attending. The app’s analytics dashboard tracked which reps completed the game modules and measured how well they performed with the material, giving the Training Manager a clear understanding of any gaps in the learning and also allowing them to adjust accordingly.

Once the event was over, the last 3 stops in the app were unlocked featuring content that the reps learned at the sales meeting. A couple of weeks after the event, the reps were asked to engage in the app again and to play the training games to further reinforce the knowledge. Lundbeck management utilized the user analytics to review how each rep performed, what they knew and where the gaps were in the learning so they could reteach the information that may not have been well absorbed.

Here are a few examples of some games we’ve created for pharmaceutical companies looking for solutions to engage their salesforce.

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